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2001-2002 Schedule

Date Speaker Firm Topic
09/18/2001 Panel discussion; AfTA executives James Royal, Luellen Triltsch, Thomas Stawicki Panel discussion; AfTA executives
10/16/2001 Steve Nison   Candle Charts: Spotting the Early Reversal Signals
11/13/2001 Walter Murphy Merrill Lynch Around the World in 80 Minutes
12/11/2001 Larry Berman CIBC High Probability Trading
01/15/2002 Chris Terry   Precise Market Timing Techniques
02/19/2002 Richard "Dick" Arms   Volume and the Current Market Outlook
03/19/2002 Ruth Roosevelt   Seven Deadly Sins of Trading
04/16/2002 Andy Addison   The Institutional View
05/21/2002 Thom Hartle S&C The Most Prof"17" x:num="37362" width="76" align="left" valign="top"> 04/16/2002 Andy Addison   The Institutional View
05/21/2002 Thom Hartle S&C The Most Profitable Lessons Learned About Trading as Editor of TASC






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