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2010-2011 Schedule


Meeting # 1:


Tony Dwyer

Date: Sep 21, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)


Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Chief US Equity Stategist and Managing Director,  Collins Stewart PLC


Anthony (Tony) Dwyer has been Chief Equity Strategist of US Operations and Managing Director at Collins Stewart plc since February 2010. Mr. Dwyer serves as Chief Equity Strategist and Managing Director of Collins Stewart LLC.   Dwyer is charged with using macroeconomic and fundamental, technical and historical analyses to advise Collins Stewart's U.S. institutional clients. Previously he was Equity Market Strategist at FTN Midwest Securities Corp.

Tony began his equity research career at Prudential-Bache Securities in 1987 and has since served as equity market strategist for a small number of regional brokerage firms. Tony employs macro-economic fundamental, technical, and historical analyses in developing an intermediate to long-term investment strategy for the financial markets and its various sectors. He is often interviewed and quoted by the financial news outlets, such as FOX News, CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg Radio, as well as by many print publications.  He has presented at events such as the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) Annual Conference.


Meeting # 2:



Rick Saddler


Date: Oct 12, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

I've been an employee and a business owner. Both placed a lot of money in someone else's pocket. Whether it was the company or the tax man it seemed to be a lot of headache for little return.

I had a dream to quit my day job and learn to trade the stock market. And, so my journey began. Around 1989 I began dabbling in the market. Make a little money...Lose a little money. Make a little..Lose a little. You get the picture. Bottom line - It was fun and had the thrill of gambling but not profitable. Still, I enjoyed this process for the next six to eight months expecting to find that one strategy that would hit a home run. At this point I was no further ahead financially and pretty much breaking even.

Then, I was reunited with my 8th grade sweet heart, married her and inherited three great kids. Talk about incentive to make some money! We were a family of five, living in a two-bedroom apartment. I needed down-payment money on a house and I needed it fast.

I had about $8,000 startup capital and worked to develop my own simple, low-risk trading strategies. In a years time I turned that 8K to $28,000. Pretty impressive return until a bad trade lost me $6,500. I quickly took the remaining cash and went house hunting.

While I continued to dabble with my trading strategies, it wasn't until May of 2002 that I became serious about my trading future. I decided to invest in myself and took private training classes from Stephen Bigalow on how to trade with Japanese Candlesticks. This training paid off and I was back to making profits. Until, I began looking for that home run play that would make me a killing. I was tweaking my simple strategies by adding the latest tips shared by the Gurus.

Finally, I came to my senses and went back to the techniques that made me money. They were easy to spot patterns with clear entry and exit points. I could see the same pattern developing in hundreds of charts. More importantly, I could enter with low-risk on a short-term trade, grab my profits and sleep well at night.

Today, trading for a living has afforded my family with several luxuries that I would not otherwise afford. Not to mention, my lovely wife and childhood sweetheart quit her job. I trade every day and never forget I am living my dream. I enjoy traveling and teaching clinics to others who are looking to take that next step to transition to Trading for a Living.


Meeting # 3:




John Person

Date: Nov 16, 2010  
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

John Person is a 28-year veteran of the Futures and Options Trading industry. He started on the Floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1979. This was the premier exchange which launched foreign currency trading. He then had the privilege of working with George Lane , the innovator of the stochastic indicator.

John has worked his way throughout the industry as a independent Trader, Broker, Analyst and Branch Manager for one of Chicago's largest discount / full service firms under the direct supervision of a former Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. He is the former owner and President of First National Futures Group, Inc. and is continuing his work as a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

John has shared his wealth of knowledge in the field of technical analysis, his trading style and system development and has taught thousand of traders including members of the largest exchanges. He is the author of three nationally and internationally popular trading books as well as two trading courses and a DVD seminar series.

The Nations most respected business journalists call John Person for his market opinions. He is widely quoted by CBS Market Watch, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, and appears regularly on CNBC as well. He is a sought after speaker for many professional organizations such as the Market Technicians Association (MTA ) , the International Federation of Technical Analyst Society (IFTA) and delivers Keynote Speeches and Seminars at some of the Countries Top National Investment Expos.

John Person is the author of "The Complete Guide to Technical Analysis for the Futures Markets", the first ever to introduce traders to a powerful combination of candlesticks and pivot point analysis.

His second book, took traders to an entirely different level. In his book  "Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers + CD-ROM: Setups for Stock, Forex, and Futures Markets", he included a pivot point calculator, instructional videos and exact rules for entries and exits on trades.

In his third book, "Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders", he broke ground for currency traders in that he included many forms of FX vehicles, trading styles and how one can integrate technical analysis fro entries and exits and objectives. He also shares a trading system with the codes for Genesis and tradestation users.

John has completed two amazing trading courses , the first is  "Trading Triggers - The Secrets to Profitable Trading" and a four hour special FOREX trading course available for purchase on his website and his latest DVD course.

In 1998, he developed his own proprietary trading system and began publishing "The Bottom-Line Financial and Futures Newsletter", a weekly commodity publication that incorporates fundamental developments as well as technical analysis that includes the data from his trading system, using pivot points combined with candlesticks. In addition, John Person provides his clients with daily, weekly and monthly research including his daily, weekly and monthly numbers as well as the Daily Dow Jones Report posted on our web site in the Research and Analysis section of our website.

John has created and launched FX Pro-Trigger system with one goal in mind: to provide investors with the ability to achieve a diversified investment portfolio based on a time tested trading plan, which is fully automated, so that it can capture trading signals in order for active traders with the proper risk capital to achieve their investment goals without monitoring the foreign exchange markets around the clock, 24 hours a day five days a week. 


Meeting # 4:


Dan Gramza

Date: Dec 14, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Daniel M. Gramza is President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC. He is a trader, consultant to domestic and international clients and an advisor to the St. Croix hedge funds.

Mr. Gramza is an instructor for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Center, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange \ DePaul University Certificate Program, The Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

He has published works in Australia, Europe, Japan, Singapore and the United States and is completing "Trading in the Eye of the Storm" and "The Handbook of Japanese Candle Trading Strategies". Mr. Gramza has appeared on CNN's "Moneyline" program, Reuters TV, Bloomberg TV, ROB TV in Canada, WCIU-TV in Chicago and as a market analyst for the CME.

Mr. Gramza develops and presents worldwide public and private courses on Essential Mental Techniques for Traders, Japanese Candle Analysis, Market Profile, technical analysis, options and options trading strategies, stock and futures industry fundamentals and operations, Series 3 exam preparation and has given expert witness testimony in federal court. He has presented courses to traders from over 36 exchanges, 400 institutions, and 35 countries.

He was a member of the Chicago Rice and Cotton Exchange and an adjunct faculty member of the Illinois Institute of Technology's Master program in Financial Markets and Trading. He earned a B.S. in Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology on a scholarship and an M.B.A. in International Finance from DePaul University graduating with honors.

In addition, Dan holds a sixth degree black belt in Kyokushin karate, a second degree black belt in True High Form jiujitsu, a First Degree black belt in Hakaryu jiujitsu, and has studied the arts of judo, aikido, bujitsu, jujitsu, and bojitsu.


Meeting # 5:


Panel Discussion 

Oliver Jergens, Peter Mauthe and Fred Richards

"What To Expect From The Markets in 2011"

Date: Jan 18, 2011    
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Oliver Juergens

PearlFisher Investments

 Oliver Juergens is a Market Analyst and Economist.  He is the founder of PearlFisher Investments and writer of the PearlFisher Weekly Newsletter.  The Newsletter, a current Market Forecast and Portfolio ideas are available on the PearlFisher website ( Oliver also is an Author on Seeking Alpha.  Previously Oliver worked for 18 years advising institutional Mutual Funds for firms including UBS, Deutsche bank, Lehman Brothers and others.

 Peter Mauthe

Rhoads Lucca Capital Management

 Peter is President and Chief Compliance Officer of Rhoads Lucca Capital Management which  manages the Autopilot Managed Growth Fund as well as 401K accounts for commercial pilots and separately managed accounts.  He began his financial career in 1978 as a market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  Since 1984 he has served as a managing officer of numerous firms in the investment management industry.  He is currently on the board of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. He is also an active member of NAAIM having served as its President, Chairman, and a member of its Board of Directors. He has been widely quoted in national publications from Barron's to USA Today and has authored investment newsletters as well as articles on investment strategies.

 Fred Richards

Strategic Investing


Fred has developed several original technical tools and methods for stock market investing, building on insight gained from 50 years of trading and investing.  He has published extensively.  He speaks on investing and economics at many venues throughout the U.S. and overseas.  His daily "Market Musings" are distributed throughout the world.  A successful investor and entrepreneur, Fred developed the Strategic Investing website to help people invest using the CANSLIM investment system developed by William J. O'Neil.  He is a graduate of SMU Engineering, Harvard Business School, and was a partner in a Wall Street firm.


Meeting # 6:



Greg Morris

Date: Feb 15, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Greg Morris is Sr. Vice President, Chief Technical Analyst, and Chairman of the Investment Committee for Stadion Money Management, Inc.  In this capacity Greg educates institutional and individual clients on the merits of technical analysis and why Stadion utilizes a technical rules-based model.  Greg oversees the management of over $5.7 Billion in assets in two mutual funds, separate accounts, and 401k plans.  From December, 2003 to May, 2005, Greg served as a Trustee and advisor to the MurphyMorris ETF Fund.  He also served as Treasurer and Chief Executive Officer of MurphyMorris Money Management Co, the Advisor to the Fund.

A highly respected author, Mr. Morris' second McGraw-Hill book, The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators, introduces market breadth analysis for investors. A vastly epanded third edition to his best-selling Candlestick Charting Explained was released in March 2006.

From 1996 to 2002, Greg was CEO of MurphyMorris.Inc., the leading provider of web-based market analysis tools and commentary, with his partner, John Murphy, a former CNBC analyst.  MurphyMorris, Inc. was acquired by, Inc. in October, 2002.  In 1999, Greg and three associates started MurphyMorris Money Management Co. to manage assets for individuals.  This focus was later changed to address the firm becoming the Advisor to the MurphyMorris ETF Fund in January, 2004, and later merged into the Stadion (PMFM) family of funds.


From 1994 to 1996, he was President of G. Morris Corporation, a Dallas, Texas headquartered business that provided products and services for investors and traders.  His lead product was a series of over 450 Indicators & Trading Systems that supported most windows-based technical analysis software packages.  From 1993 to 1994, Greg was part of MarketArts, Inc. which launched the first windows-based technical analysis software program, Windows on Wall Street.


In 1992 he published a book on Japanese candlestick analysis called CandlePower, now available in soft cover as Candlestick Charting Explained (McGraw-Hill).  Widely recognized as an expert on candlesticks and the developer of candlestick filtering, he has lectured around the world on the subject.  From 1982 until 1993, he worked in association with N-Squared Computing, producing over 15 technical analysis and charting software titles, many of which are actively used today.  In May, 1989, he was awarded outstanding alumni for 1989 from Pratt County College.

A 1971 University of Texas Aerospace Engineering graduate, Mr. Morris has authored many articles, and often appeared on Financial News Network, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business. He was featured in Business Week in July 2008. He was invited to Italy, Brazil, Canada, and China in 2008 to lecture on the merits of technical market analysis.  From 1971 to 1977, he was a Navy F-4 fighter pilot aboard USS Independence who was selected for, and graduated from, the Navy Fighter Weapons School known as Top Gun.  Married with two adult children (both engineers) and two step children, Greg and his wife, Laura, live in the mountains of North Georgia.

Greg was one of the founding members of AfTA.



Meeting # 7:


Michael Chupka

Director of Options Education,


Date: Mar 15, 2011 
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Michael Chupka is the Director of Education for PowerOptions.
PowerOptions is a patented suite of options research and analysis tools
that was created over 13 years ago.

Mr. Chupka has been trading options, developing educational materials
and new investing tools with PowerOptions for the past 8 years.  Like
many investors, he started out trading the basic strategies of Covered
Calls, branched out into more advanced techniques such as vertical
options spreads, but now focuses mainly on using options to limit risk.

He is versed in many different options strategies and investing approaches, handles most of the coaching sessions and technical questions for PowerOptions subscribers and has co-authored two books on options investing:  “Naked Puts – Power Strategies for Consistent Profits” and “Protective Options Strategies – Married Puts and Collar Spreads.”

Meeting # 8:


Alan Farley

Date: Apr 19, 2011 
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of Hard Right Edge, a comprehensive resource for trader education, technical analysis, and short-term trading techniques. He is author of the McGraw-Hill best-sellers "The Master Swing Trader" and "The Master Swing Trader Toolkit", as well as popular columnist for The Alan has been on the market scene for well over a decade as a trader, advisor, and author. He is a powerful lecturer on swing trading, including the original strategies and tactics found at Hard Right Edge.

Alan is a frequent contributor to CNBC. He has also been featured in Fidelity Outlook, Forbes, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Barrons, Bloomberg, Smart Money, Futures Magazine, Tech Week, Active Trader, MSN Money, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, the Los Angeles Times, and Trading Markets.

He consults regularly with industry leaders on the issues facing today's traders, and is a strong voice for the revolution changing our modern markets.


Meeting # 9:



2011  Chris White

Date: May 17, 2011 
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza
Topic: High Probability ETF Trading Strategies - Rules and Historical Performance

Chris White has been developing software professionally for over 20 years and has been an active trader for over 10. He left Microsoft 4 years ago to develop a program that would help traders visualize common and custom trading ideas.

Chris was born in England and received his Bachelor of Engineering Honors degree in Information Systems Engineering at the University of Bradford. After developing process control software for a major corporation in England, he moved to Vancouver, BC and joined a small start-up company devoted to managing content on the internet.

He made his first stock trade at the height of the dot-com boom – this trade continues to be his single best performing trade (over 100% gain in 1 day). The dot-com bust convinced Chris that there was more to trading than just buying the most hyped stock and so he dedicated himself to studying the field of technical analysis. 

After being ‘acquired’ by Microsoft in 2001, Chris moved to Seattle, WA and worked on Microsoft Office.  In his spare time, Chris began developing software for his personal trading use.  In 2007, he left Microsoft to work full-time on his idea for a program to allow visualization of trading ideas. After two full years of development, EdgeRater PRO was released and Chris founded the trading tools
development company EdgeRater LLC. EdgeRater PRO won the INETA code component award and has been highly regarded by industry experts.

Chris actively promotes the education of traders through regular webinars and presentations at the semi-annual High Growth Stock Investing seminar in Palos Verdes, CA.

Chris’ latest program – the ‘ETF Trading Bandit’ takes the 7 strategies from the book ‘High Probability ETF Trading’ and gives traders daily signals for each strategy and allows review of historical signals using the built-in charts and indicators.
























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