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Speaker Presentations That you May View or Download:

Hank Pruden

Steve Wright - Close Clusters

John Nance

Tom Sprunger

Deron Wagner

Don Wilson

Tony Dwyer - Sept 2010

Morgan Scott - Oct 2010 Presentation

Morgan Scott - Oct 2010 Slides

Rick Saddler - 10-11-10

Fred Crowley - 1-15-11

Rick Saddler - 02-19-11

Paul Janiak - April 2011

Mary McAfee - Pitchforks

Jim Gunn - October 2011

Jeff Williams - December 2011

Stuff You Can Use - January 2012

Tricks of the Trader - Paul Janiak 2/24/12

Larry Conners 3-20-12

Connors Historical Volatility Calculation

Dan Yaklin - 4-21-12

James Pujals 5/19/12

Frank Ochoa Pivots 5-15-12

Frank Ochoa Volume Profiling 5-15-12

Forex Intro - Forrest Miller 10-20-12

Trading the Forex - Judith Stephens 10-20-12

Paul Duncan - GGT & Effective Volume 12-18-12

Dave Steckler RSI/VXX System  1-19-2013

RSI/VXX Tradestation code

RSI/VXX Code in Text 

Dean Somes - - Feb 2013

Rande Howell - Eight Roadblocks to Successful Trading - Mar 2013

Jim Gunn - Alternative CANSLIM Indicators - Apr 2013

Frank Ochoa on Precision Swing Trading 05-25-13

Adam Grimes "The Quantitative Discretionary Trader" - Oct 2013

Elliot Katz 12-17-13  "Mastering Leaps"

Toni Hansen 4/15/14 "No Indicators Necessary"

Gary Anderson 5/20/14 "The Janus Factor"

Andrew Keene 10/21/14 "Ichimoku Cloud"

 2015 Outlook Presenters Slides

Mel Dickover "X-Raying the Black Box" - Feb. 2015

Martin Pring  "How To Use Momentum"  - pdf version - March 2015

Martin Pring  "How To Use Momentum"  - Powerpoint Show - March 2015


Tina Logan  - "Effective Swing Trading" - April 2016


AFTA - Rob Hoffman IRB Strategy - March 2017

Corey Rosenbloom - "Building Today's Trades" - April 2017

Scott Juds - Temporal Portfolio Theory - Nov 2017

Frank Ochoa - Swing Trade Like a Pro - Dec 2017

Allan Ellman - "How to Generate Income and Buy Stocks at a Discount" - April 2018
Top Technical Patterns for Swing Trading and High Probability Credit Spreads - Nov 2018
Eric Wilkinson - "The Poor Man's Covered Call" - Oct 2018

Jeffrey Beamer - "Trading with Today's Higher Volatility" - Dec 2018

Norman Hallett - "6 Effective Ways to Place Stops" - May 2019

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